Forest Management

Sustaining Wisconsin’s Forests through Dedicated Management

Wisconsin’s 30 County Forests manage over 2.4 million acres, focused on sustaining healthy and productive forests for future generations, while providing essential raw material to the State’s forest products industry.

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Recreation Opportunities

Explore all that Wisconsin’s Forests have to offer

Chances are anywhere you travel in Wisconsin, there’s a County Forest nearby. County Forests provide over 2.4 million acres available for the public to recreate and explore.

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Outreach & Education

Informing citizens and visitors on Wisconsin’s Forest Resources

Part of WCFA’s purpose is to be advocate and educator of sustainable forest management to both residents and visitors of all ages. Discover how you can be a champion of Wisconsin Forestry too!

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Special License Plate

Support Wisconsin’s County Forests today!

Are you passionate about Wisconsin’s natural resources? If so, support WCFA’s campaign for a special license plate!

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Wisconsin County Forests Association

In 1968, the Wisconsin County Forests Association, Inc. (WCFA) was established to provide support to the growing county forest program and acts as a collaborative platform for members to discuss issues, programs, and policies of the county forests. Instead of each individual county dealing with issues on their own, WCFA acts as the single point of contact for its members. WCFA is a not-for-profit, quasi-government organization whose membership is made up of the 30 counties in Wisconsin with lands enrolled in §28.11. 

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